Lithium Finance Uses Collective Intelligence to Price the Unpriced

We want to share insights with the community on some recent developments at Lithium Finance. A lot has happened since our last update, and we hope this clears any ongoing confusion from the community.

Product Team & Roadmap Update

  • Talent is the most critical asset at Lithium, and we have continued to invest in talent…

TrueFi, the leading decentralized protocol for uncollateralized on-chain lending, is joining the Lithium Finance ecosystem as a Wisdom Seeker to price its tfUSDC, tfTUSD, tfUSDT, tfBUSD lending pool tokens.

TrueFi, now with approximately $1b in TVL and more than $1b in successful loans originated, removes collateral requirements using both on-chain…

Lithium Finance is a first-party data oracle that leverages proprietary technical methodologies to value private and illiquid assets. Lithium’s robust data oracle utilizes sophisticated blockchain technology to crowdsource information from a large pool of subject matter experts.

Earlier in August 2021, Lithium launched a pre-staking program for early LITH token…

Lithium Finance

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