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Lithium Finance Uses Collective Intelligence to Price the Unpriced

The Lithium team is grateful for the initial feedback from the community on the IEO on KuCoin and the IDO on Polkastarter. While we continue to work hard to make sure the public sale will be delivered smoothly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you Polkastarter and KuCoin for making this dual IEO + IDO happen in such a short period. …

Lithium Finance is proud to announce the launch of an IEO on KuCoin, a global leading exchange that has been focusing on high-quality crypto projects. This news came at the time that Lithium is going through an IDO on Polkastarter which the team announced earlier.

The Lithium team believes that the dual IDO+IEO will widen the accessibility of the public sale of the $LITH tokens, and more investors will be able to get a chance to participate in building this revolutionary collective-intelligence pricing oracle for private and illiquid assets.

KuCoin IEO Details

IEO Date: 05/08/2021

Token Ticker: $LITH

LITH Token Address


Please note that other…

While our official public sale at Polkastarter is approaching, we are excited to announce in advance that we will be having a pre-staking rewards program for our early LITH token holders and protocol supporters.

At a Glance

  • Program begins at: 5th August 13:30 UTC
  • Program ends at: One week before mainnet launch (Tentatively December)
  • Estimated staking APY: 60%
  • First week staking bonus: +20% (Total 80% APY!)
  • Staking mode: Simple staking (stake LITH, earn LITH)

Pre-staking Details

  • Staking rewards will be counted per block, and accumulated according to your proportion of staked LITH tokens over the whole staking pool.
  • Total rewards to be distributed per week…


Polkastarter (host): ⏰ It’s time for the Lithium AMA! ⏰ The chat will now close.

👋 Hi everyone and welcome to another exciting Polkastarter AMA, this time with the David Lighton, Co-Founder of Lithium. Welcome and thank you for taking the time today to join us! 😊

David: Thank you very much! I am very happy to be here to speak with you. Polkastarter is a great brand.

Polkastarter: Thank you! 🤗

Alright, we’ll first have a few questions to David directly, before we open it up for community questions. Let’s get started! 🎈

David, could you please first introduce…


Gary (host): Welcome @davidlighton to the Game of Bitcoins group. pleasure to have you with us today.

David: Man thanks. Very glad to be here, Gary. Thanks for having me.

Gary: Before we get started with the questions, please take some time to introduce yourself and also tell us a little bit about the Project itself

David: Lithium Finance is the world’s first decentralized data oracle for private assets. What we’re really doing is to create an environment where people with knowledge and expertise about various asset classes can help price the unpriced. Let me give you an example. Increasingly…

Lithium Finance is proud to announce the launch of our IDO on Polkastarter on August 5. This came after the successful launch of our pre-IDO on Convergence earlier in June. Polkastarter has been partnering with Lithium Finance on the previous pre-IDO. We’re pleased to collaborate with our friends at Polkastarter again for our IDO.

Ahead of our IDO, and we have highlighted some of the important dates below. For a refresher about our vision and purpose, check out our website here.



The past few months have been an exciting journey for the team at Lithium Finance. From protocol design to fundraising, pre-IDO, and marketing, we won’t be able to be where we are today without the enormous support of all our investors. They have been backing Lithium not just financially but also in many other aspects. Our team has boarded several additional investors and raised an extra $2.6 million from them to ramp up our product rollout. That’s on top of the $5 million that we raised during the seed round co-led by Pantera and Hashed. While they may have come…


Gray (host): Hey guys! Welcome everyone to the Lithium Finance official AMA! Our Co-Founder, David Lighton, is here with us today to answer some questions from the community, providing some insights and perhaps some alpha to the project! Thank you chief for taking the time to be here with us today🎉🙌!

David: Thanks, Gray !!! Great to be here with the community!!!

Gray: Happy to have you here chief🙌

Gray: If you are new here, please allow me to briefly introduce our project to you: Lithium Finance is the first collective-intelligence pricing oracle to give precise and timely pricing on…

  • Under the partnership, Injective will become a wisdom seeker, and Lithium will be part of Injective’s oracle module to provide pricing data for pre-IPO stock derivatives.
  • Injective’s users will create new derivatives markets for private companies with the pricing feed from Lithium.
  • With Lithium’s collective intelligence mechanism, the partnership will improve the price discovery process for all the private assets available in the Injective ecosystem.

Lithium Finance is thrilled to announce the partnership with Injective Protocol, the first layer-2 DEX that offers decentralized derivatives. This collaboration will make Injective a Wisdom Seeker under the Lithium ecosystem. …


Lithium is the first collective-intelligence pricing oracle to give precise and timely pricing on private, illiquid assets. Our goal is to create a bridge between DeFi and traditional financial services and functions that opens doors for millions of assets for investors across the globe. We want to have top investors and institutional advisors as clients, as well as the kinds of retail investors who made waves on social media. Lithium is a community of coexistence.

However, this vision cannot be realized without the right pricing oracle, and the market still has not seen one able to price illiquid real-world assets…

Lithium Finance

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