Lithium Council Proposes Extension of Council Terms to a Full Year

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2 min readNov 27, 2023

We are thrilled to provide updates to the Lithium DAO community regarding our governance structure. As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring complete transparency and fostering continuous engagement from our community, we have some crucial news pertaining to our upcoming council elections and epoch duration.

Firstly, we bring heartening news that our existing council members have expressed their intention to serve for another term. They have contributed extensively to the strategic direction of our decentralized organization, overseen critical protocol updates, and have been integral in executing community decisions. Their desire to pursue another term speaks volumes about their dedication and belief in the Lithium DAO.

Proposed Extension of Council Terms

And a noteworthy change has been proposed to adjust each council term’s tenure. The Council proposes to transition each [Council Term] from a 6-month term period to a full-year, 12-month term. The aim of this proposed extension is to provide council members with a more extensive timeframe to advance longer-term strategies and bring to life more comprehensive visions for the Lithium DAO.

It’s important to clarify that if approved, this proposed change will be implemented for the _next_ council round. The new 12-month term would therefore become effective starting from January 1st, 2024.

We effortlessly continue to encourage open discussions concerning this proposed change within the Lithium community. The change ultimately remains in the hands of the community and will be part of the upcoming election process.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this Proposal by CLICKING HERE

As we consistently emphasize, Lithium DAO is a community-driven entity. We appeal to every stakeholder to participate in these deliberations actively and encourage everyone to cast their vote during the election period. Your engagement drives the future of Lithium DAO, and we remain eager to continuing this journey together.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the council nomination and election processes. At the meantime, feel free to nominate candidate for the council by creating a new topic in the Council Nomination section on the DAO Forum.

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