Lithium DAO: Electrion Process

Lithium Finance
2 min readJun 5, 2023

The first council election for our DAO governance model is now underway. We are thrilled to see the support and nominations from the community, and we believe that this election is a critical step in ensuring that our platform remains transparent, accountable, and community-driven.

Lithium Finance is committed to providing a transparent and fair election process, and we encourage all eligible members to participate. During the voting period, which runs from today to June 18, you will have the opportunity to cast your votes and elect council members who will represent you and help shape the future of Lithium Finance.

Voting Period (June 5 — June 18)

The voting process will be conducted on Snapshot. Nominations will be gathered as voting choices. LITH holders will be invited to cast their voting power across any number of choices, from one to all.

In our first council epoch, the 5 most popular candidates will be elected as founding council members, provided a sufficient quorum is met. In the event the election fails to receive the required votes, it will be considered rejected and a re-election shall be held.

Results Announcement

After the voting period is over, the results will be tallied and announced to the community on our website and social media channels. The newly elected council members will then be given the responsibility of setting high-level policies and strategies for the protocol.

We look forward to the community’s engagement and participation in this important process.

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