Lithium Finance Partners with PeasyLabs to Enhance NFT Valuation Capabilities

Lithium Finance
2 min readSep 28, 2023


We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Lithium Finance and PeasyLabs, the team behind This collaboration will allow us to leverage PeasyLabs’ expertise in AI and data analytics to significantly improve Lithium’s NFT valuation capabilities.

At Lithium Finance, our mission is to build a decentralized protocol for accurate and transparent NFT valuations. We believe that harnessing the wisdom of both crowd and machine intelligence is key to determining fair market value for NFT assets. Our partnership with PeasyLabs will help us take this hybrid valuation approach to the next level.

PeasyLabs shares our vision of using AI and data to empower NFT traders and collectors. Through, they have already built an impressive knowledge base for the NFT community. By combining [our expertise in data, crowd wisdom, and machine learning, we aim to offer best-in-class price insights for a wide range of NFT collections and assets.

This integration will enable features like:

  • More robust validation of crowdsourced price estimates on Lithium Finance
  • Enhanced historical price and sales data for NFT collections
  • AI-assisted comparables analysis for rare/unique NFTs
  • NFT price forecasting and signals

For Lithium Finance community members, you can expect significantly improved valuations and pricing tools through this collaboration. We are working closely with the PeasyLabs team on integrating their technology in a seamless way.

As leaders in decentralized finance and AI, both Lithium Finance and PeasyLabs are committed to bringing more transparency, fairness, and efficiency to the NFT space. This partnership marries the strengths of human intelligence and artificial intelligence to serve NFT traders better. Stay tuned for launch updates as we usher in the next evolution of NFT valuation!