Testnet Guide: Connecting to Testnet

In this blogpost, you will learn how to connect to Polygon Testnet and get your test tokens (MATIC, LITH & REPUTATION).

Skip to Testnet Guide: Exploring Lithium, if you have previously set up connection to the Polygon Testnet. Be sure to check if the network status of your RPC Server is active here.

Connecting MetaMask Wallet to Polygon Testnet

Follow the steps in screenshots below to add Polygon Testnet via A. Chainlist or B. Manual Connection.

A. Chainlist:

  1. Go to Chainlist here. Or search “MATIC” on Chainlist and enable Testnet on the toggle.
  2. Connect your wallet and add MATIC tokens to MetaMask. Then you’ll be switched to Polygon Mumbai testnet automatically.
  3. Now you’re connected to the Polygon Mumbai Testnet.

B. Manual Connection:

If you prefer to connect manually, here’s how it can be done.

  1. Click on the dropdown menu on the top of the MetaMask wallet extension.
  2. Click on “Add Network” and fill in the blank space with the parameters below.
Network Name: Mumbai TestnetNew RPC URL: https://matic-mumbai.chainstacklabs.comChain ID: 80001Currency Symbol: MATICBlock Explorer URL: https://mumbai.polygonscan.com

Getting your test MATIC, LITH & REPUTATION tokens

Now that you’ve already connected your MetaMask wallet to Polygon Mumbai Testnet. You can start interacting with Lithium’s app by using the test tokens.

In Lithium testnet,

  • test MATIC is needed to pay gas fee for all the transactions since Lithium testnet is built on Polygon;
  • test LITH is the primary economics token of Lithium;
  • test RP is the reputation token of Lithium, which is not transferable.
  • To learn more about LITH and RP, read more here

You can claim free test tokens by following the steps below:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the correct network — Polygon Mumbai Testnet
  2. Claim test MATIC through faucet

3. Claim test LITH

  • Go to https://testnet.lith.finance/test-tokens, click ‘claim LITH’
  • Sign with your MetaMask
  • Test LITH will be transferred to your MetaMask in a few seconds. Please refresh the browser. The LITH balance should be updated on the navigation bar.

4. Claim test RP

  • Go to https://testnet.lith.finance/test-tokens, click ‘claim RP’
  • Sign with your MetaMask
  • Test RP will be transferred to your MetaMask in a few seconds. Please refresh the browser. The RP balance should be updated on the navigation bar

(Please note that RP claiming is only available to users without any RP balance.)

Congratulations for completing wallet and token setup! Ready to dive into Lithium? Learn how to join pricing quests by reading Testnet Guide: Exploring Lithium.

Note: Please use desktop for a full experience



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